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HIC Engine Parts Manufacturer

Welcome to HIC (Hawkvine International Company) Engine, a company focused on creating as well as selling some of the best gasoline and diesel engine parts on the market. We are a team of professionals in the industry, and we work very hard to ensure that our customers always receive some of the best engine parts and power steering components on the market.

We create everything you need from an Turbocharger to Water Pumps,Oil  Pump,Cylinder Head,Cylinder Block,head bolt,Cylinder Liner Sleeve,Piston,Connecting Rod,timing chain kit,we even offer power steering pump,power steering rack,power steering gear box too. We believe that by creating the best engine parts and power steering components, all engine manufacturers get to offer customers high-quality experiences and an engine they can rely upon.

Our engine parts work for a huge variety of vehicles. We always make sure that the diesel engine parts are suitable for tractors, trucks, buses, engineering machinery, ships and so on. We bring you more than 200 different models to use right away.

Also, our gasoline engine parts are more suitable for commercial vehicles, jeeps, SUVs and sedan cars. You can use these HIC Engine parts all over the world, as we cover Japan, Europe, the US and Asian countries as well.

You are free to make the right pick and you can rely on our team to offer the convenience and value you need in a single package.

We can create the best connecting rod or camshaft in no time. HIC Engine has a professional and fast manufacturing process focused on value and convenience. That’s why each time you work with us you receive nothing but the very best results and experience on the market. Quality matters, and we know that. This is why we are fully committed to bringing you tremendous results all the time, as that’s the best way to obtain incredible benefits from a team of experts.

Each one of the products we create is specifically designed to bring in front the utmost value and quality. We have a rigorous testing process to ensure that all products work exactly the way you want, without any restrictions. If there are any issues with the item, itwill be sent back to manufacturing for any repairs or revamp.

This way you can rest assured that our team will always test out everything before shipping the products to you. As a result, you can rely on HIC Engine to create the best engine bolt, connecting rod, engine valve, water pump or timing chain kit. If you needprofessional engine parts, contact us right now, and we will be here to help you obtain incredible parts at a very affordable price!



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